Robin McCahill Felting Artist Wed. Feb. 3, 2016

 Cheshire Library   6:30 - 8:15pm


Robin's Artist Statement:

Once asking myself, "when are you happiest?"  I answered, "when I am making things".

Felting for me is very physical as well as creative in ideas. Conceiving of an idea is perhaps the more creative part of Art. But taking the idea to a form that can be shared is the full experience. Another aspect of the felting I love is the element of surprise. With many other more direct mediums; what you see is what you get. For example; laying down acrylic colors in a painting. But with wet felting there is shrinking and blending and bonding of colors. Textures and shapes can also change doing sculptural forms. With wet felting a lot of work is wrapped with plastic or fabric while rolling, rubbing and shrinking, acting as resists for the wool to only bond where you want it to. So in the unveiling there is always an element of surprise. This I love about the work. And keeping a more open attitude while making something allows one to create for the sake of creating and keeping the fun factor as opposed to always having to know what the final product will be, look like or even become. Isn't it fun to allow the medium to guide us and sometimes even tell us what it wants to become. When we get so structured and invested in the final outcome we can loose the joy of playfulness which is why we started doing "art" in the first place as children.

I hope that my presentation helps remind us all to play more and have fun with what we make. Listen to our unconscious, let our muse speak, draw, sculp or just play. With our busy lives we can forget to notice things, nature, people or a moment in time that can inspire us for creations yet to come through us and out of us. Sometimes the best play time is starting to make something with out an agenda and see where it leads us. I often do not even know what voice I am listening to..... but just listen! Even just doing this once in awhile can change how we look at our world. I believe making ART teaches us how to SEE.

Thanks for listening to me!


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