Wed. Feb. 4, 2014 Linda Marino

Linda's Artist Statement
Color, patterns, light and shadow captivate me. Like a magnetic force, I’m drawn to the simple beauty in common objects, the twinkle in a dog’s eye or the way a cool shadow streams across a front porch in the afternoon light. 

I begin the journey with an innate curiosity and keen observation skills. With my black sketchbook in hand, like a detective,  I quickly sketch in the rough outline. Jot a few notes down. And back to observing. Comparing. Editing. Discovering.

Whether its a drawing or painting the ultimate goal for me is to capture a moment in time with a mark of a pencil or the stroke of a brush. Striving to bring an element of energy, emotion and/or awareness, I hope that my artwork will bring the observer the same joy that I have had in creating it. The work I create with my hands is a reflection of the joy in my heart and thankfulness to God.

Currently I paint mostly in oil but I like to explore with pastels, watercolor and charcoal. My subjects vary from coffee cups to florals, landscapes, seascapes, backyard pools to puppies, chickens and cows. Diversity keeps my perspective fresh and ideas flowing.

The Cheshire Art League is dedicated to individual & community awareness of the Arts, and how they reflect and affect.


 Monthly meetings are being held the 1st Wednesday of the month

7:00 - 8:30pm -----following a brief meeting at 6:30pm

Cheshire Public Library

104 Main Street

Cheshire, CT 06410


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  The Cheshire Art League was organized in 1959.

  We encourage "art appreciation" through demonstrations in painting, drawing techniques and the  use of different media. The Art League is dedicated to individual and community awareness of the Arts and how they reflect and affect our culture. The Art League also provides information regarding the business side of being an artist. We provide a meeting place to encourage camaraderie, and and the possibility of earnings through sales of members' art.

It's a great way to meet artists from other communities and often initiate new friendships based on a common interest.

The Art League is an indicator to verify to members they are serious artists.

Meetings are free an open to the public


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